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How To Check Who Is Using Your WiFi And Block Unknown Users Using Android Device

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Here is best App of Blocking unknow user from your wifi network.

Block WiFi Thief is a tool to quickly identify other devices who are using your WiFi network and causing your network speed slow, and a further net cut WiFi freeloaders after detecting WiFi freeloaders. This app can be used as a WiFi freeloader kicker to prevent WiFi squatter from stealing WiFi or rubbing WiFi.
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Block WiFi Thief is a simple tool to see all the devices connected to our network (both wired and WiFi, whether consoles, TVs, PCS, tablets, phones etc …), giving relevant data such as IP address, manufacturer, device name, MacAddress, Gateway, Network mask, DHCP Server, NSD.

Block WiFi Thief always finds all connected devices!! Check who is using your WiFi! Millions of active installations demonstrate their reliability!!


Advantages of Block WiFi Thief

★ Simple UI design and Easy Interface. Clear design to show detailed IP address of each connected device.
★ Convenient entry to block freeloader devices away from your router
★ Free Apk App.
★ Designed especially to scan your WiFi connection.
★ Scan your WiFi network in seconds.
★ Compliable with all WiFi routers including TP-Link, NetGear, DLink or Linksys router
★ Display details of connected devices (Ip Address/Mac/Device Name / .. ), simply to mark the connecting devices as “Known” or “Stranger”
★ Reminder for you to change the WiFi password immediately when strangers are found, Display Wired&Non Wired Devices connected to your network.
★ Shortcut to turn on/turn off device WiFi function
★ Low demand on system resources
★ Fewer Ads.

Here is the list of Wifi Router that supports one-click block.

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Much more Coming soon.

If Your router does not support one-click block then don’t worry there is another option for you that call Router Manager Blocking by using this option you can also block the unknown user from your Wifi network.

Download Block WiFi Thief
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