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How To Use any Wi-Fi Without Password 2018

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How To Use any Wi-Fi Without Password 2017

Wi-Fi Unlocker Apk for Android is a tool with which you can decipher Thomson passwords and WiFi keys, so that you can use the internet wherever you are. In simple words it is an android tool to hack passwords of some selected router Models. In case you don’t know many routers come with a default password system that are set by respected companies. There are many people who don’t change those keys and keep on using them. With this app you can get those keys easily without being caught.

But remember that All models are not supported. All we can say is, try on the router you want, if successful congrats and if failed? Sorry!!!!


This post is for educational purposes only. Getting Unauthorized access to other’s WiFi is completely illegal and you may face legal action depending upon your country. We are not responsible for anything you have done to your neighbor’s WiFi.
This app may be helpful whenever you forgot the keys of your own WiFi. You can also play a prank with your friends.
Even if the router model is supported, if the password has been changed from default password, it won’t work

How to use Wi-Fi Unlocker?

Download Wi-Fi Unlocker apk.
Install the app on your smartphone.
Scan the networks at your reach.
The connections that can be deciphered will be shown in green. Wait for the app to calculate the keys.
With these keys you can now connect to the selected network.

   Watch Video For Complete Details

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