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Opera Max – Data manager 3.1.52

Written by Asad Riaz

Download Opera Max Data Manager From Techno Records. Opera Max is an app that helps you use fewer Internet data while simultaneously protecting your privacy. It also lets you block and restrict other apps that use a lot of data.

Once you have Opera Max activated, all content is compressed before it reaches your device, which means you can save up to 50% of data while using all your apps. From the main page, you can also see how much data each app uses and how much you’ve saved. This also serves to quickly see which apps use the most data, allowing you to block them with just a click.



The way Opera Max works is relatively simple: when you have it activated, the data that reaches your Android passes through its servers, where all the images and videos are compressed, filtering out all the data you don’t need. This way, your information is protected by an additional layer of encryption.

Opera Max is another excellent product from Opera that lets you browse more securely and save a considerable amount of data on your phone plan.

Why use Opera Max?

• Save data on mobile and Wi-Fi networks – With Opera Max turned on, content is compressed before it reaches your phone – and your bill!

• Protect yourself – With a single tap, Opera Max secures your connection on public Wi-Fi hotspots, encrypting your data and keeping you safe from data spies.

• Block data-draining apps – Find out which apps use the most data – you can even choose to block them from using data altogether.

• Top up your savings time – Return to Opera Max regularly and fill up your savings timer with the touch of a button.

More about Opera Max

• How does it work? When you have time on your Opera Max clock, the data that reaches your phone passes through our savings cloud, which compresses images and videos and absorbs the data you don’t need.

• How do I get more time? When you first tap the Opera Max savings button, you’ll get six hours of data savings. When you’re running out of time, you’ll get a notification, and then you can add more by tapping the savings button again.

• How do I know it works? When savings is turned off or you’ve run out of time, Opera Max can tell you how much data you could have saved.

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