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Top 5 Facebook Auto Liker & Auto Comment Apps for Android Mobile

Written by Asad Riaz

Top 5 Facebook Auto Liker & Auto Comment Apps for Android Mobile

Fb auto liker is one of the best ways to get likes on facebook photo, post, and videos. Not only likes you can even get random comments on Facebook. Well, Today in top 5 series I will provide you facebook liker app for your Android smartphone and then get access facebook auto liker though app without browsing website. Now instant likes on the Facebook post is very easier because below given app will provide you free likes on facebook photo, status, and videos. In this time there are many autoliker apps in Android App Store. But 90% of them are unusual and fake. You can search FB auto liker app in play store you will get many results, Have a look on their app review. You get many of guy is not satisfied with that. & You should know that many working auto liker apps are not listed in Play Store. Then what to do? Don’t worry! Here I will give you a direct link to download facebook autoliker app.

  Before downloading Auto Liker app follow below things:
  1. I am giving you .apk autoliker file so you need to allow third party installation
  2. Just go to Settings
  3. Then enter in Security Section
  4. Check on Unknown Sources option.
  5. Now you are ready to download auto liker .apk.
1. Dj Liker App
DJ liker app is one of the famous and widely used auto liker apps. This app is really fabulous for Facebook likes. You can get 250+ likes using this DJ liker. Actually, dj liker is made with the aim to provide likes on Facebook with auto liking application. Its developer says that DJ app is free, safe and fast, protected app liker app.
2. MG Liker
MG Likers Provide You 300 Likes On Status & Photos With Desired Comment Options..Autoliker Use Api To Provide Fast And Instant Results.MG Liker Provide Spam Free And Free Liker To Everyone.
MG Likers Also Provide All New Facebook Autoreactive Tool Also You Can Get Reactions On Your Status, Photo, Videos Anywhere Else You Want.

3. 4Liker This is one of the best auto liker apps. You can get likes from its website or through 4 liker apps. This app is also used to get auto likes on the Facebook photo, status video and custom post URL.

Get instant 350 likes per submit and UP-TO 15.000 Likes on your statuses, pictures, albums, and other Posts for FREE.
4. Machine Liker
You can boost your Facebook Post, Photo and Comment likes by using Machine liker. Machine Liker also helps you get free comments on your public Facebook posts without any cost.
5. KpLiker
This App gives you Auto likes on your Facebook Photos, Status and Video. It Also gives you Auto Like on your Facebook Page.
Auto Comment is an application that let you comment automatically in your posts which you made in a Facebook’s group, your profile or your photos. Functions • Add a post that you made just pasting the link • Import your post from a file made in our page • Set the comment that will be made automatically • Set the time interval • Set a time range in which the post will be commented the post automatically or just check all day • Turn on or turn off the Auto Comment function whenever you want • You can comment all your active posts just clicking on the comment now button
Important Step:
1.Enable Followers First of all, make sure your Facebook account is age is 18+ and change Who Can Follow Me to EVERYBODY from Follower setting.

2.Post Privacy Make Sure your Status and Photos are Public.

Step 1 & 2 Must Follow.

So these are highly recommended facebook liker app. If you are using any other auto liker app in your smartphone then let us know below. And also tell us which one was the best liker app for you. Let’s try above auto liker app and give suggestion in the comment section.

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